Month: October 2017

Faires Celebrate Freedomversary

James and Angela Faire

It’s a sunny day in Western Washington, but no ordinary day for James and Angela Faire. Today, the Faires celebrate a mini Freedomversary. What exactly is meant by a “Freedomversary?” Simply put, it marks a milestone that the Faires hope to be one step closer to being free from the egregious criminal charges that have […]

State v. James Faire October Status Hearing

Okanogan County, WA:  James Faire, along with his attorney of record, Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, appeared in Okanogan County  Superior Court on Monday, October 23, 2017 for a previously scheduled status conference. This was a telephonic appearance; Judge Henry Rawson presided and the newly appointed prosecutor for Okanogan County, Branden Platter, represented the state.   Family, […]

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